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A Few Words From Our Happy Customers

I have been lactose intolerant for 11 yrs and anything I ate I had to make sure it was non-dairy. That was hard because I love Ice cream! 
When I saw the ad about Your DairyCare I figured why not give it a try so I ordered one bottle. I was a bit sceptical at first but in less then a week of taking it I noticed a difference right away! 
In the past have used Lactaid and other generic brands and they somewhat help but what I didn't like was that everytime I had food with dairy I had to pop 2 pills each time and maybe up to 6 by end of day! 
The down fall was they made me constipated. 
Since I have been using DairyCare I can now eat Ice cream, toast with butter, ANYTHING DAIRY that i'm so HAPPY I can eat with confidence knowing I wont have an embarrasing moment where I have to run to bathroom all the time. 
I Love Dairy care because: 
* I only take 1 daily 
* I no longer suffer from constipation 
* Everything running smoothly
* No more of those embarrassing moments and runing to bathroom
* No side affects
Angie S, California

You take Dairy Care ONCE a day. No carrying pills around with you in case you get hungry (did you know french fries are blanched in milk? did you know hot dogs have whey in them?) or turning down a taste of some delicious cheesy goodness in the grocery store because you'd have to take a pill.
Nina P, Texas


"Thanks so much! I received my first order of Dairy Care this week and took it for a few days before eating dairy last night. I had the guys over and ordered pizza as usual. But, instead of sticking with a salad, I had a few pieces of very cheesy pizza. It was delicious, even better than I remember from years ago. I sat there for the next hour waiting for the bloating and discomfort to hit, but it didn’t! So I had a bowl of ice cream and cake along with everyone else. I am still amazed that I ate dairy with no discomfort at all last night or this morning. Thank you for a wonderful product. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this years ago and that others still don’t. If there is anything I can do to help spread the word, let me know."
T. Brooks, California

"For over 10 years I have had zero tolerance for any products with lactose. Since I travel for a living it has been difficult at best. One of my dietitians had told me about Dairy Care 6 months ago and probably like most of your customers I was skeptical that any product could help. I took the usual lactose supplements with each meal and even then spent many days sick with the normal reactions to lactose intolerance. I took the plunge and ordered your product a couple of months ago when I knew I had 2 weeks with no air travel following the directions on the bottle. Even after the first week I was still hesitant to try any food with lactose as I get very sick.

I know you probably get many emails like mine but I still have to say it. Your product changed my life!!!! – as well as the rest of my family’s. No longer having to shop for special foods and reading all the labels. No more special restaurants that I know what foods were safe for me to eat. Your product is affectionately know around our house as my wonder pills.

I do work in the Health Care environment and I do regularly tell my story to our patients and dietitians. People I have know for years are amazed and wonder how I could be eating the foods they know were taboo in the past. Every day I thank that dietitian for putting that bug in my ear about this product. I will continue to spread the word and continue to order as a regular customer. Thank you for liberating me and my family from this affliction. There are not enough Thank You’s to be said."
Michael C., Colorado

"DairyCare is amazing!!! I want to be in a DairyCare commercial!! It has changed my life! I can eat whatever I want now. I have already eaten several things that use to bother me with no problems. Yay!! No more bad breath, no diarrhea, no gas, and no awful stomach cramping! I HAVE FREEDOM! And NO more carrying around pills with me at all times!"
Nick C., Florida

"I love DairyCare! I’ve been using it for many years for treatment of lactose intolerance and got my father and nephew started on it too. It’s awesome to be able to eat dairy (my favorite foods!) without worrying about the embarrassing gas and painful bloating. Thank you, thank you!!"

Rona M., AZ

"I had gotten to the point where the Lactose products taken before eating a dairy product just didn’t work any more. Thanks to Dairy Care I just had my first cup of coffee WITH CREAM in ages. I have to admit I was a skeptic, but it really does work! Yesterday I had cream in my coffee, cheese on my burger for lunch, and cheesecake for dessert with absolutely no problems! Pizza – no problem. Bagel with cream cheese – no problem. Ice cream – no problem. What a miracle."

Margaret I., VA

"If it were not for Dairy Care I would not enjoy cheese and Ice Cream … you know the foods that make life worth living. Thanks for your great product."

Karen H.

"I have been lactose intolerant my whole life and took millions of lactaid pills to eat any milk product. Now all I do is take two of your pills every morning and I can eat ANYTHING! It is absolutely amazing! I am thrilled."

Phyllis F.

"I followed your plan of 2x tabs 2x per day for one week and last night I had Lasagna for dinner for the first time in over 40 years. Thank you for your fantastic product. I have tried many others with mixed results butDairy Care has made all the difference in my ability to eat and enjoy dairy without the awful side effects of lactose intolerance. Thank you x1000!"

James W.

"I just wanted to say what a truly wonderful product. Just one capsule a day and I now have my life back. I can go out and not worry whether I”ll end up in agony, not have to read all small print on packaging and just enjoy everything everyone else enjoys. Thank you, DairyCare."

Sue G.

“Hi, I just ordered my 6 month supply of DairyCare, and I think your product is the best! I’ve been an avid user of DairyCare since it came out (when I found it in Pathmark), and ever since then, my life has changed for the better. I can’t thank you enough! Just wanted to give a little feedback of my experience, and I hope you’ll be around for a long time to come. I couldn’t imagine being without DairyCare. Thanks again."


“A few days ago my wife sent the enclosed email message to your company. Knowing how such things can go astray, I send the enclosed copy for your information. I hope that it assists you in your efforts to make this excellent product a great and continuing success. It has meant a great deal to my wife who constantly praises its effects.

DairyCare is indeed about half the price of its alternative. Further, it requires far less attention to achieve maximum effect. It is, in short, all you claim it to be. That’s a wonder in today’s world.

May DairyCare be with us for years to come. To my knowledge there is no adequate substitute for treatment of lactose intolerance symptoms. May I add my own thanks to those of my wife. DairyCare is, indeed, GREAT! Best wishes for continued success."

“DairyCare is wonderful. Now I never have to worry about what I eat especially when traveling in foreign countries.”

“While visiting in Jersey I was given DairyCare for my lactose intolerance. It worked!! Please tell me where I can get DairyCare to end my long time suffering from dairy products (which I love). Thank you.”

“Since I started using DairyCare instead of Lactaid, I am able to eat anything and everything. This is the most incredible product for someone with a lactose intolerance problem. I am extremely pleased with the results and have recommended it to numerous people with the same condition. Thanks from the bottom of my stomach!!

“Good new and great relief for us and our son who experienced allergic reaction from antibiotics taken for his sinuses and chest congestion. And at the same time using DairyCare since he is Lactose intolerant. His doctor suggested to discontinue using all drugs. I decided myself that our son will continue to use DairyCare. Once again, great news and we would like to thank you for your company’s product, DairyCare. It is the best product on the market.

Happy Parents

“I hereby send you my warmest thanks for the DairyCare product you sent to me a few weeks ago. I have tried the pills here in my autumn break and I was astonished by the result. A lunch with feta, brie and cottage cheese, for the first time in seven years. It was an experience since I was nervous to death whether the pills would work or if I would get seriously ill.
I now only wait to receive an order which allows me to try it out on a larger and longer term scale but I already have a great confidence in your product. It’s amazing. Please add some brochures and other material with my order, then I can spread the news among friends and people who also suffer from Lactose Intolerance. There is definitely a marked in Europe too! With thanks.”

I wanted you to know how delighted I am with DairyCare. We have given information about it to our son, several clients and friends, and others. Why don’t you send me a few extra brochures with my order. I’ll even put some in our waiting room. Everyone I tell is excited. So.. Some free PR in Minnesota.. Thanks.”

“I learned of your product from a broadcast announcement which I barely caught upon entering the room. It has changed my life. After an extended bout with Giardia Lamblia about a year and a half ago and its subsequent treatment, I was left extremely lactose intolerant. Even a tiny amount of whey in any store bought product (or fast food) would cause me significant pain and discomfort. I used Lactaid Ultra at the maximum dosage whenever there was a potential problem but either misjudged the dose or need it altogether too frequently…Your product has solved my problem.. I have had no difficulty since following your proscribed regime. It was so easy and now I don’t have to worry about every mouthful. DairyCare is GREAT!! Thank you again. I get my DairyCare through my local Shoprite and it is indeed less than half the cost of the Lactaid.”

From the Netherlands:
“I have recommended your product in the Netherlands and in my home country, Denmark. Hope to get you more clients!”

“Just wanted to thank you again for Dairycare. I’ve been using it for years and it has changed my life for the better more than I could ever say. It’s just a miracle!! Words cannot express my gratitude to you for creating this wonderful aid. Until Dairycare, I avoided restaurants, and food at parties; every time I ate, I worried. Also, it was so difficult to get enough calcium. Thank you so much, and wishing everyone there all the best and continued success.” 


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