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Finally, a lactose intolerance remedy that really works!

DairyCare™ is a ‘remedy’ whose time has come for all of us. Don't let dairy intolerance hamper your lifestyle. DairyCare is a once-a-day probiotic developed by a physician to treat the intolerances of milk, dairy and lactose foods. DairyCare™ contains live Lactobacillus Acidophilus cultures that are natural, organic and lactose free. Stop worrying about having to find a bathroom after eating dairy.

More than just a lactose intolerance solution.

Consumers with Celiacs / Inflamed or Irritable Bowels with irregularity also find relief with DairyCare™. It resolves diarrhea and constipation from food, restoring normal bowel regularity. DairyCare™ provides vitamin and mineral production for your body and has the capacity to boost and enhance your immune system, giving you protection from chronic disease. No more painful bloating, gas, abdominal cramping, and diarrhea.